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Q. Can you assure me that your spigot wont leak?

ASure can!  We triple seal our connections!  We secure the solid brass spigot three ways.  We triple seal all of our melters. Once with Teflon tape, second with a high temperature silicone seal, and lastly with our  high temperature metal compound steel (HTMCS). 

Q. Do we use JB Weld on our melters?

A. No, we certainly do not use JB Weld.  We use a product that is far superior than that.  We use a product that is used by professionals that repair high temperature (500 degrees) NASCAR race car engines.  Beware of knock off melters that  are not only cheaper and perhaps on Ebay and Etsy. But also do not seal any of their work.  Ours are triple sealed to ensure no leakage!  

Q. Why don't you put the spigot hole on the bottom of the pot like others do?

A. As a well seasoned candle maker and user of these pots in my daily operation in my shop, I know that having a hole directly on the bottom isn't wise.  If you are thinking about purchasing a wax melter, take this into consideration. Wax is seldom clean, there is usually dirt, bits of cardboard stuck to the wax as well as many other things.  A wax melter with a hole directly on the bottom will allow all the dirt and debris into your finished soap or candle.  By putting the spigot on the sidewall, no dirt and debris will flow freely into your project. You'll have less than a 1/4 inch of wax left in the pot with a sidewall mount spigot.  You'll soon see that is where all the dirt and debris is. You can easily wipe it out with a paper towel.  You'll be thankful for not having a bottom mounted spigot. 

Q. Will the spigot ever clog?

A. No, the spigot should never clog on you. Since the spigot is attached to the pot, the spigot stays as hot as your temperature setting.  

Q. How can you control the temperature?

AEach Magic Wax Melter comes with a "dial a temp" heat feature. This feature plugs into your pot and has a heat range of a warm 130 degrees to a piping hot 400 degrees.  Just simply adjust the dial to your desired temp and within minutes, you'll have your wax melted.

Q. Why should I buy from you and not the others?

A. I have over 30 years of candle making experience and I'm one of the most established wax melter makers on the Internet.  I've sold thousands of these melters.   I'm personable, honest and always available for questions.  

Q. Can you help me make candles?

A. Yes, I can.  If you purchase a Magic wax melter from me, I can certainly help out where ever I can.  I can't physically help you in your shop,but I am willing to offer you email support for all your candle making questions. I'm always just an email away!

Q. Can I use these melters for soapmaking?

A. I have sold these melters for well over 20+ years now.  I've sold  these to all types of professionals in the crafting world.  I've had chefs buy them so they could make stocks and broths.  I've had  mechanical professionals buy them for melting high grade glues. I've  sold thousands to candlemakers and to soapmakers alike. There have been 4  reports that the melters teflon coating will peel off the melter when  using some types of soap.  We believe it's a chemical reaction between  the acidic content of the soap and the teflon.  The melter can still be  used.  The teflon coating does not affect the mechanics of the melter  itself.  It will still heat up and melt your wax or soap just fine.   What we've suggested if this would happen to your melter, is to scrub  gently to get the rest of the coating off. If this is happening to you, please report this in to me as well as where you are purchasing your soap.  I can keep a log of what type of soap is doing this.  There is obviously some acids within the soap that do not agree with the Teflon coating.  

Q. Will you ship to Canada and Europe?

A. Yes, we certainly do!  You can look up what your shipping quote would be.  Just add a melter to your shopping cart and update the country or state. It's that easy!  We've shipped to the United Kingdom, Russia, Harvard University, and Australia to name just a few. 

Q. How fast do you ship? *

A.  We wont make you wait! Our melters are always on hand and in stock waiting for you! We ship out at warp speed!  However, please note during the high season, orders are heavy.  It may take more than a day or two to get your order out.  

Q. What kind of warranty do I get?

A. When ever you get a Magic Wax Melter from us, we want you to be happy. If the spigot is defective in anyway, return to us for an even exchange. All exchanges must be made within 30 days of receiving your melter. If you want to make an exhange, just let us know. It's that easy. Please note that the non stick finish is not warranted due to the chemicals in waxes, fo's, soaps and glues 

Q. Is there a general return policy?

A. Yes, if for any reason you do not want the melter, just let us know.  You have 14 days from the time you receive the melter to decide if it's for you.  If you don't want it, there will be a 20% restocking fee and you will have to pay for the shipping back to us.  It must have all the original packaging, boxes, and equipment and be in an unused condition in order to receive your refund.  

Q. What is happening in the market?  Why are there shortages, delays and limited supplies?

A. We live in a global market.  Which means products are purchased, manufactured and shipped from all over the world.  When there is a production slow down due to a pandemic, or cargo ships are delayed,  we feel it.  This is what is happening here are  Because we are a small Mom & Pop business, it is our hope that you will be patient and have understanding while we weather this storm together.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us!

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