Candle Making Made Easy, Fun & Affordable!

If you are a candle maker or a home hobbyist on a tight budget, this is the melter for you! Why pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a melter when a Magic Wax Melter can do the same thing? We have done all the hard work for you! We've modified a pot and attached a solid brass spigot to the pot for ease of use. All you have to do is add wax and plug it in! The solid brass spigot will keep your wax flowing freely and will not clog! 

Think how easy your crafting will be! No more hot stoves, no more double boilers and no more waiting and waiting for wax to melt! Huge 5 quart capacity will hold nearly 8# of wax! It saves you time, energy and money! Magic Wax Melters do not draw nearly the amount of energy as a stove-top can. This wax melter is brand new, never been used and it's ready to go to work for you! This unit also comes with a wire basket that can be used to make the waxed dipped critters that are all the rage! Just think in under 30 minutes, you will have hot and ready wax!

Our Magic Wax Melters have a premium non stick surface inside and out, so clean up is a breeze. When you are finished for the day, allow to cool, and put the tempered glass cover on to keep out dirt, dust and other debris. It's so versatile, that you can leave your wax right in the pot; leave it on the counter top or put on the shelf for storage. With Magic Wax Melters "dial a temp" heat feature , your pot will maintain the proper temperature for which you set. I have these in my shop and have been very happy with them for many years. I know you will be too! Every Magic Wax Melter that is purchased will come with tips and tidbits on how to safely & efficiently use your new melter!  Please note that 90 degree elbow is not included.  It's an optional feature that you can install yourself if you like.

So, with all this going for this easy and most affordable wax melter, why would you spend hundreds of dollars?  

Buyer Beware!  Please be careful when shopping for your wax melters.  There are cheaper knock off products available on the Internet.  Be sure to ask questions, ask about warranties and just do your homework on getting a melter that is SAFE and properly sealed! Below is a picture of one that is not properly sealed and being offered at a lower price.   

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